Blogg - om hela kedjan från jord till bord

Här i vår blogg kan du läsa mer om vad vi gör och vad vi tycker om händelser i vår verksamhet eller sådant som påverkar kedjan från jord till bord. Här bloggar bland annat Alarik Sandrup från Lantmännen Energi, årets traineer och vår chef för hållbar utveckling Claes Johansson.

  • Looking back and into the future

    An update on Copenhagen life, a star-struck presentation and some old friends visiting as the former trainees tell us where they are today.

    Av: Trainee
  • Working in Budapest and participating in KRAV-seminar

    Hi everybody! Since I last blogged, the work with Distribution Excellence in Budapest has progressed and is now coming to an end. The project was successful and the parties involved are pleased with what has come out of it; some saving proposals and more transparency on logistics and warehouses in the country. It has been a pleasure having had the opportunity to visit Budapest on several occasions, if not for the nice colleagues so for the incredible weather compared to the cold spring in Copenhagen.

    Av: Trainee
    22 jun
    Trainee Trainee
  • Distortion and a huge freezer

    It’s been an exciting time since my last post and my project is really moving forward. Last week I presented my work for Unibake’ s operations managers in Londerzeel, Belgium and during that visit I also got the chance to see our new fully automatic warehouse!

    Av: Trainee
    Nyckelord: trainee, unibake
    10 jun
    Trainee Trainee
  • Trade show in Amsterdam and road cycling in Copenhagen

    The third period is coming to an end and hence the workload is somehow increasing. Seems that it doesn’t matter how well structured your project plan is with timeline and milestones, it always seems like the increase of work at the end of the placement is unavoidable. Or maybe it’s just me.. Apart from the end of the projects approaching, so is Vätternrundan, the 300km bike race that I am supposed to participate in next weekend…

    Av: Trainee
    05 jun
    Trainee Trainee
  • Aspen, Vårruset, Diversity and Gourmet Hot Dogs!

    As you might remember, this third trainee placement I am working on a project for Lantmännen Agroetanol in Norrköping. Time flies when you are having fun, in only one month this placement will be over and I and the other trainees will enjoy our summer vacation. But before that, there are a lot of things coming up!

    Av: Trainee
  • Vårt ansvar i kadmiumfrågan

    Kadmium i pasta diskuteras just nu efter en undersökning som livsmedelsverket har gjort och som SvT Rapport rapporterar om. Det är en komplex fråga och det är inte helt enkelt att kunna ta till sig rapportering kring kadmium och förstå de diskussioner på bland annat sociala medier som uppstår i kölvattnet. Men frågan är inte ny för varken oss på Lantmännen eller övrig livsmedelsindustri. Lantmännen arbetar sedan många år med att hålla halterna på så låga nivåer som möjligt. Men frågor dyker naturligtvis upp i samband med en nyhet om kadmium i de både nyttiga och goda pastaprodukterna som är ett väldigt vanligt inslag i vår kost. Är det farligt att äta pasta? Vad är hög kadmiumhalt? Ekologiska livsmedel är väl i alla fall fria från kadmium? Vad kan man göra åt problemet och har ingen gjort något? Vilka gränsvärden finns? Dessa frågor ska jag försöka besvara.

    Nyckelord: kadmium, pasta
  • Training and Treasury

    It is a cliché I used before, but time has really gone fast since starting my professional life at Lantmännen. My third project is more than halfway through and in a way it just feels like I just started my first project in Lantmännen. This time I write about trainings in Copenhagen, how it is working at the headquarter and my short-lived career as a salesman!

    Av: Trainee
    Nyckelord: axa, trainee, treasury
    18 maj
    Trainee Trainee
  • Almost back home

    As many of the other trainees I have also moved to Copenhagen, group pressure… However while the others are leaving their homes I almost feel like I’m coming home. I can almost see my hometown across the water and finally people doesn’t point out my southern accent.

    Av: Trainee
    Nyckelord: trainee
    12 maj
    Trainee Trainee
  • Working abroad and biking to work in Copenhagen!

    As my trainee colleagues have written in the most recent posts we have changed placements and many of us are abroad within Unibake. I am one of the four trainees belonging to the office in Copenhagen this period (location no 3 in the line of 4).

    Av: Trainee
    Nyckelord: budapest, copenhagen, unibake
    04 maj
    Trainee Trainee
  • Greetings from Belgium!

    The traveling continues, I have moved from Malmö to the European capital – Brussels! It is quite different here compared to Stockholm and Sweden, but I must say that I like it and find it quite charming!

    Av: Trainee
  • Doggy
  • Mjau
  • Hatting
  • Start!
  • Gooh!
  • Kungsörnen
  • Nord Mills
  • SW Seed
  • Krafft
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